Meet the people who make Digital Matters possible. We are a team of researchers, librarians, staff, and students coming from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to make for a vibrant culture of learning.

David Roh


Associate Professor of English

I’ve been at the University of Utah since 2015, and was appointed to a four-year term as director of Digital Matters in 2018. My research and teaching interests lie in digital humanities, new media studies, and Asian American literature. As director, I’m responsible for communicating with upper administration and our campus stakeholders, building policy and programming, and raising our profile on a national level through projects, grants, and teaching.


Rebekah Cummings

Digital Matters Librarian

I’ve been a librarian at the Marriott Library since 2013 and have served in a variety of roles, first as the Assistant Director of the Mountain West Digital Library (2013-2015) and later as the Data Management Librarian (2015-2018). In March 2018, I started my new position as the Digital Matters Librarian where I work closely with the Digital Matters Director and Postdoc to coordinate digital humanities research, instruction, and support at the U. My research interests are data management, digital humanities, intellectual property, and digital libraries, with particular interest where these areas of study overlap. I completed my MLIS from the University of California, Los Angeles where I was a graduate student researcher on Dr. Christine Borgman’s Knowledge Infrastructures Team.


Marisa Snyder

Digital Matters Program Assistant

I am the Digital Matters Program Assistant. As the Program Assistant I schedule Digital Matters events, coordinate the creation and dissemination of promotional content for the Digital Matters, and help with with the logistics of events. I am also a graduate student of the U in the International Affairs and Global Enterprise (MIAGE) program and am concurrently pursuing a certificate in Geospatial Information Systems.


Maria Alberto

Digital Matters Fall 2019 Graduate Fellow

I am a second-year Ph.D. candidate and Clarence Snow graduate fellow in the Department of English at the University of Utah, where I am pursuing research interests in the digital humanities, adaptation and genre, popular culture, queer theory, and fan studies. I am especially interested in the ways in which these fields intersect with one another, continually creating and recreating spaces that challenge our received notions of narrative.

My Digital Matters research project, titled “Bots: Co-Creating Digital Narratives”– which I envision culminating in another conference talk as well as a draft of an academic article – will explore how bots, by their very nature as “simple” and automated agents, can unduly raise our expectations of a process being straightforward, fair, transparent, and unbiased, when in reality, bots actually stem from a constellation of makers, utilize a variety of scripts, and are released with various intentions that all complicate their apparent simplicity. In other words, what users see in bots and take for machine-drive reliability should not be taken for granted, but instead noticed and even questioned.


Jeff Turner

Digital Matters/American West Center Graduate Fellow, Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

I’m a PhD candidate in History where I study immigration, religion, and the American West. My time in the History department involved helping develop two digital history projects ( and While at the Digital Matters Lab, I plan to work on two Native American digital history projects housed at the American West Center.