Digital Matters at the University of Utah builds new perspectives on culture using computing and technology.

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Building new perspectives on culture using computing and technology.

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A joint venture with the Marriott Library, Colleges of Humanities, Fine Arts, Architecture+Planning, and the School for Cultural and Social Transformation, Digital Matters is the umbrella term for a threefold initiative:

To serve as the locus for computationally enhanced humanities and arts research and pedagogy, with a strength in cultural criticism and theory.

To provide a space for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty to learn both method and methodologies of humanities and arts-centered information technology.

To link Digital Matters with multiple disciplines and the broader community.

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What is Digital Matters?

Otherwise known as Digital Humanities, Digital Matters at the University of Utah is our unique approach to incorporating of technology and computing with the Humanities, Arts, and Design.

Digital Matters (or Digital Humanities) is a field of study that uses computing tools and methods in the arts & humanities, and also brings an arts & humanities perspective to computing and technology fields. Recent years have seen rapid growth, with scholars using computational and humanities approaches to create new software and digital archives; build analytical tools for science, literature, history, and public policy; and uncover new objects of study.

Digital Matters offers original research opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students, exposing students in the sciences to the kinds of “big picture” questions about culture taken up in the arts & humanities while giving arts & humanities students significant quantitative skills and expertise in the manipulation of data.

Housed in the Marriott Library, Digital Matters takes seriously the mission of libraries to serve not only the academic community, but the wider public. Projects, showcases, and events will be designed to serve dual purpose of demonstrating the results of our work, but also communicating with the public regarding the importance and impact of the arts & humanities in shaping the conversation about digital culture.

Digital Matters, located in the Marriott Library, is where we house our researchers, staff, students, and equipment. Come by and take a look at what we’re up to.