Keynote Speaker:
Alan Liu (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Alan Liu

“Digital Humanities and Critical Infrastructure Studies”

In an era when complexly “smart” and hybrid material-virtual infrastructures ranging from the micro to the macro scale seem to obviate older distinctions between material base and cultural superstructure, how can the digital humanities join in an emergent “critical infrastructure studies”? What are the traditions of such studies? What is the topic’s scope? What are some especially high-value areas for intervention by digital humanists and new media scholars/artists? And how can digital scholars in the humanities collaborate with digital social scientists taking up similar matters? In this talk, Alan Liu considers the hypothesis that today’s “cultural studies” is a mode of critical infrastructure studies.

Alan Liu is Professor in the English Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He has published books titled Wordsworth: The Sense of History (1989); The Laws of Cool: Knowledge Work and the Culture of Information (2004); and Local Transcendence: Essays on Postmodern Historicism and the Database (2008).  Recent essays include “Hacking the Voice of the Shuttle: The Growth and Death of a Boundary Object” (2016), “Is Digital Humanities a Field?—An Answer from the Point of View of Language”(2016), “N + 1: A Plea for Cross-Domain Data in the Digital Humanities” (2016), “The Big Bang of Online Reading” (2014), “The Meaning of the Digital Humanities” (2013), and “Where is Cultural Criticism in the Digital Humanities?” (2012).  Liu started the Voice of the Shuttle web site for humanities research in 1994.  Projects he has directed include the University of California Transliteracies Project on online reading and the RoSE (Research-oriented Social Environment) software project.  Liu is founder and co-leader of the advocacy initiative. Currently he is leading the big-data, topic-modeling project titled “WhatEvery1Says” on public discourse about the humanities.


Special Guest:
Perry Collins, NEH Office of Digital Humanities

Perry Collins

We’re pleased to announce that Perry Collins, Senior Program Offier, of the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities will be in attendance. At the NEH, Perry is responsible for managing and developing grant programs, administering the application review process, conducting outreach activities to educate potential applicants about funding opportunities, and providing guidance to NEH awardees throughout the course of their projects. In this position, she has overseen major awards to initiatives such as the Digital Public Library of America. Perry also manages NEH’s digital repository, a fledgling effort to digitize and make available the historical record of the Endowment. She holds a M.S. in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a M.A. in American Studies from the University of Kansas. We are expanding the program to include a workshop by ODH on the morning of Friday Feb. 10.