Friday1:00-1:30Opening Remarks
1:30-2:30Keynote: Alan Liu (UC Santa Barbara)Gould Auditorium
2:30-2:45Coffee Break
2:45-4:15Featured PanelGould Auditorium
“Digital Humanities as a Work-in-Progress: Topic Modeling the ‘What is Digital Humanities?’ Genre”

Elizabeth Callaway (Univ. of Utah)

“Opening New Doors to Digital Humanities: Domain of One’s Own and Programmatic Thinking”

Ed Nagelhout (UNLV)

“Creative Curation: Rearranging the Logic of the Archive in a Post-Digital Environment”

Nicolas Mugavero (SUNY Buffalo)

Chair: Jeremy Browne (BYU)
4:15-5:00Workshop: Perry Collins (Office of Digital Humanities, NEH)Gould Auditorium
5:00-6:00Social Hour (beverages, cheese & crackers, fruit)Gould Auditorium
6:30Dine AroundsSalt Lake City
Saturday8:00Check-in; Continental Breakfast (oatmeal, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, fruit)Gould Auditorium
8:45Opening RemarksGould Auditorium
9-10:20Panel 1
VisualizationsRm 1150
“Visualizing Wonder: Fairy Tales on Television (FTTV) and in Databases and Events”

Jill Rudy (BYU)

“Humanizing Approaches to Code-based Practices in Art”

Molly Morin (Weber State Univ.)

“Global Bonds: Expanding Access to the Linus Pauling Papers via Enhanced Digital Finding Aid”

Cole Crawford (Oregon State Univ.)

Chair: Madeline Thatcher (Univ. of Utah)
Pedagogy and PublicsRm 1130
“Mapping the Early Modern World”

Julia M. Gossard (Utah State Univ.)

“Digital Exhibits in the Classroom and the Library: Bringing Student Research to the Public”

Susan M. Cogan & Branson Roskelley (Utah State Univ.)

“More than a Mausoleum: the Library at the Forefront of Digital Pedagogy”

Dylan Burns (Utah State Univ.)

Chair: Lawrence Culver (Utah State Univ.)
10:30-12:00Panel 2
Digitizing, APIs, Interfaces Rm 1150
“API for Utah Digital Newspapers”

Harish Maringanti (Univ. of Utah)

“Accumulating the Traditional, Disseminating the Digital: Information Access and the End-User”

Ellen Ryan & Paul Sivitz (Idaho State Univ.)

“Constructing User Experience: Intersections and boundaries in the development of digital technologies”

Ray Dahl (Univ. of Utah)

Chair: Jeff Turner (Univ. of Utah)
Genre, Writing StudiesRm 1130
“The Essay Genome Project”

Courtney Bulsiweicsz & Shelli Spotts (BYU)

“City Writing: Placing the Digital Humanities in Urban Media Ecologies”

John Tinnell (Univ. of Colorado-Denver)

“Spatial Stories: Game Design for First-Year Composition”

Nina Feng (Univ. of Utah)

Chair: Bobby Kennedy (Univ. of Utah)
12:00-1:00Lunch (salads, sandwichies, wraps, chips)Gould Auditorium
1:00 – 2:20Panel 3 
Databases/Data Rm 1150
“From Humanities Computing to Digital Humanities: Re-Engineering a 1970s Theater History Database for 21st-Century Users”

Mattie Burkerts (Utah State Univ.)

“A Cor infrastructure for textual analysis – From Woolf to Verne”

Nicholas Hayward (Loyola Univ. Chicago)

“The Online Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts: a crowd-sourced, managed wiki for scholarly dialogue”

Roger Macfarlane (BYU)

Chair: Dakota Park-Ozee (Univ. of Utah)
Literature and PoeticsRm 1130
“Radical Materiality: DH and the Poetry of the Anthropocene”

Anne Royston (Univ. of Utah)

 “Emily Dickinson and Eliza R. Snow: Data, Dictionaries, Discoveries”

Cynthia Hallen (BYU)

“Museum of Fictional Literary Artifacts”

John Nelson & Stacey Berry (Dakota State Univ.)

Chair: Sunggyung Jo (Univ. of Utah)
2:30-3:50Panel 4
Social MediaRm 1150
“Exploring the intersections of media studies and digital humanities through the lens of sentiment analysis: A case study of Twitter”

Leona Yi-Fan Su (Univ. of Utah)

“The S-MAP: Preserving Alternative Social Media”

Robert Gehl (Univ. of Utah)

“Just Youtube it: What Youtube and Social Media Can Teach Us About Online Pedagogy”

Mat Sillito (Univ. of Utah)

Chair: Cristina Reyes (BYU)
Standardization, Labor, Cultural PreservationRm 1130
“The Gift and the Game: Taxonomies of Labor on Web 2.0”

Elyse Graham (SUNY Stonybrook)

“Building Community Partnerships to Build Digital Humanities Projects: The Experience of Two Projects in Rural Nevada”

Scott Gavorsky (Great Basin College)

“The Western Name Authority File: Improving Access for Digital Collections and Archives”

Anna Neatrour & Jeremy Myntti (Univ. of Utah)

Chair: Amanda Scheuerman (Univ. of Utah)
4:00-4:30Plenary DiscussionGould Auditorium