Fellowship / Grant Program

Digital Matter's Fellowship program includes a Faculty Grant Program and a Graduate Student Residency Fellowship during Fall and Spring semesters. Both aim to support and encourage researchers to challenge and extend the boundaries of their fields through digital methods, pedagogy, and tools.

Faculty Grant Program

The Faculty Grant Program provides research funding to Tenure-line and Career-line faculty in the Humanities, Fine Arts, Architecture + Planning, and Marriott Library working in Digital Studies, broadly defined, which challenge and extend their fields.

Awardees receive $5,000 in research funding to be sued for supplies, equipment, software, computing, research assistants, etc.

Grant funds cannot be used for faculty salaries (summer or academic year); travel that is not directly related to project research (e.g., conferences cannot be supported by this grant), funding to purchase society/group memberships, consultants, or office equipment unless specifically justified.

DM Faculty Grant Projects

Indigenous Latina/o/x Archive, Prof. Lourdes Alberto, DM Faculty Fellow Spring 2019

Digital Matters helped me recover, digitize, and build an indigenous Oaxacan archive based on the activism of female Oaxacan community members in Los Angeles between 1970 and 1990.

Prof. Lourdes Alberto

Read more about Prof. Alberto's project.

Battlegrounds, Prof. Wendy Wischer, DM Faculty Fellow Spring 2019

Battlegrounds is a new multi-media installation that looks at where land ownership, management and policy overlaps with the ownership, management and policy around the female body.

Prof. Wendy Wischer

Read more about Prof. Wischer's project.

Graduate Student Residency Fellowship

This fellowship provides graduate students in the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Architecture+Planning an opportunity to work on a research project in Digital Studies, broadly defined, which challenge and extend their respective fields. The fellowship consists of a semester-long residency.

Fellows receive:

$10,000 per semester stipend to pursue their research and tuition benefits (fellows should purchase health insurance using funds from their stipends).

A desk in a shared workspace in Digital Matters at the Marriott Library.

Dedicated time for advancing their project.

A dynamic and diverse digital scholarship community to advise, collaborate, or otherwise help with their research project.

DM Graduate Fellow Projects

Water You Doing? Finding Place in the Digital, Tiana Birrell, DM Graduate Fellow Spring 2019

My project studies the correlation between information consumption and resource depletion by researching the numerous data servers located in Utah Valley and the massive amounts of water and energy used to maintain our digital lives.

Tiana Birrell

Read more about Tiana's project.

A Mountain Pine Script, Jace Brittain, DM Graduate Fellow Spring 2019

My project, A Mountain Pine Script, was intended to investigate the ways in which humans interact with their immediate environment and the compulsion to read signs from our environment.

Jace Brittain

Read more about Jace's project.

To learn more about our Faculty Grant and Graduate Residency Fellowship programs including grants for Exhibition and Performance please look at our last call for applications. Our call for applications go out in early mid-Spring semester for the Fall program and early Fall semester for the Spring program.

Faculty Grant Program

Graduate Residency Fellowship

Exhibition/Performance Faculty Grant

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