Digital Culture Studies Certificate

The Digital Culture Studies Certificate (DCSC), open to all majors, emphasizes critical thinking, technological praxis, and collaborative pedagogy through concentrated coursework and proficiency in studies of digital humanities and computer programming.

Digital Culture Studies Certificate

The DCSC requires the completion of a minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework, (four classes, 12 credit hours) taught by the College of Humanities and two classes (6 credit hours) taught by affiliated Colleges and Departments. The first three classes required for the Certificate provide students with foundation skills and knowledge in the areas of digital culture studies and computer programming. Students will then take two classes in affiliated Colleges and Departments that provide an overview and knowledge about new media within their major areas of study.

All students are required to take “Introduction to Digital Culture Studies,” which will be offered across the various departments, taught on a rotating basis by faculty in partner departments. Three classes will be taken from within the College of Humanities. Two will be taken from Computer Science or another partner department. Moreover, DCS offers optional modules students may take in two-hour sessions, held at the Digital Matters Lab in the Marriott Library.

Courses offered Fall 2021 appear in bold.

 Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
Required CoursesHUM 2010Introduction to Digital Culture Studies3
Elective CoursesCOMM 3020Media Theory and Popular Culture3
COMM 3510Intro to Web Design3
COMM 4550Developments in New Media3
COMM 5610IT and Global Conflict3
COMM 5640Comm Technology & Culture3
COMM 5650Video Games Studies3
ENGL 2085 Digital Culture3
ENGL 2090 Video Games and Storytelling 3
ENGL 3600Critical Theory3
ENGL 5995 Digital Humanities3
WRTG 3015 Professional Writing3
WRTG 3040 Digital Storytelling3
WRTG 4030 Visual Rhetoric3
WRTG 4040Digital Rhetoric3
WRTG 5830 Digital Publishing3
ART 4635Interactive Experiences3
ART 4645 Information Graphics3
COMP 1010 Programming for All 13
COMP 1020 Programming for All 2 3
EAE 1010Survey of Games3
EAE 1050Digital Content Creation3
EAE 3010Asset Pipeline3
EAE 3035Storycrafting for Games3
EAE 3710Video Game Development3
EAE 3720Alternative Game Development3
ETHNC 3520Asian Pacific American Contemporary Issues3
Film 2700Video Games and Virtual Worlds3
Film 3412Final Cut Pro3
Film 3420Sound for Film and Digital Media3
Film 3610/20Computer Animation3
GEOG 1100Google Earth3
GEOG 1180Geo-programming3
GEOG 3100 Dynamic Earth3
GNDR 3573Queer Representation in Media3
GNDR 2235Celebrity3
GNDR 5650Race, Gender, and Popular Culture3
SOC 3051Living in a Digital Society3
SOC 3381Exploring Inequality through Music & Film 3
Digital Matters (Optional Modules) 
Data CurationWeb Design
Text AnalysisAudio Design
Data ManagementVideo Design
Archival PracticesDigital Publication

The Certificate Program in Digital Culture Studies addresses several needs. In the first place, for students in Computer Science or other technologically-focused areas of study, it offers vital cultural and historical context surrounding the very technologies that they study, design, operate, and create. This knowledge of the larger social matrix within which technological innovation is situated can only broaden their perspectives and encourage them to engage more fully with the ethical implications of their work than the requirements of their major might otherwise allow. Equally important, for students in the Humanities, the Certificate Program allows them to cultivate hands-on skills with computational technology that a traditional Humanities curriculum cannot readily accommodate.

For more information please contact Dr. Lisa Swanstrom, Associate Professor in the Department of English,