Fellows & Grantees

This list of past Digital Matters Graduate Fellows and Faculty Grantees shows the variety of disciplines and digital humanities research Digital Matters supports through its fellowship and faculty grantee program. For more information on the funded programs Digital Matters offers please see the links below.

Digital Matters Faculty Grant

Digital Matters Graduate Residency Fellowship

Faculty Grant Awardees

Luke Leither

Fine Arts & Architecture Librarian

Margaret Wan

Professor of Chinese Literature and Cultural History

Eric Herschthal

Assistant Professor – History

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Kaylee Alexander

DM / ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. in Art History & Visual Culture

Fall 2022 – Present

The US Cemetery Audit

Graduate Fellows

Eliza McKinney

Graduate Student in the Department of History

John Sutter

Graduate Student in Department of Film and Media Studies